Lavation: the act or instance of washing or cleansing

It’s an homage to the old laundry business that occupied the building before us. As a matter of fact you can still see the neon sign high up on the storefront. As luck would have it, we were also able to reclaim a couple of old joists to make into benches for the reception area. We may not be washing dirty laundry but regular exercise has a cleansing quality you just won’t find in a bottle of soap. Take a look at this article for the history of Son Loy Laundry. In addition to Lavation, we own Midline on Frederick Street. A personal training and pilates studio. Most of the work that we do at Midline is one-on-one instruction. There are few things more satisfying than watching people make connections through their fitness routines. For years we have been dying to bring you another great workout option to stay fit, healthy and energetic. A place where groups of people can connect over a little sweat and some great music.