Note from the owners:
Lavation will not be reopening. After the shutdown in March we were hopeful we could ride it out until guidance allowed us to reopen. After a long and uncertain spring, summer and fall things seem to be continuing along this path through the winter and beyond. At this time the state and county orders call for no group exercise inside, as well as fitness facilities who are allowed to open to operate with 12 feet of social distancing among other restrictions. We fully support the local, state and federal guidance yet it has had a direct impact on Lavation. The notion of group exercise and its safety in the next year or so is going to remain challenging at best and impossible at worst. As the owners of Lavation, we hoped to keep our tenancy yet make a shift in our services offered. We wanted Lavation to continue providing health and fitness to our neighborhood. However, our negotiations with the building owner to move forward were unsuccessful.
On behalf of the ownership and our incredible staff we wanted to say how much we all appreciate you. We have loved being your friends and teachers, your buddies at the crack of dawn and your final push at the end of a day before a late dinner. We are all grateful for your patronage, sweat and support. We are proud of the work we have done at Lavation and we hope that you are proud of the time you have spent with us as well.
Midline, our studio where we have been training for the last ten years, will continue. Although for now our personal training and Pilates work have been greatly reduced in terms of volume, hours and membership offerings for the foreseeable future. We are happy and feel fortunate to remain a part of the local landscape. We are also looking forward to the eventual return of being able to plan and produce the annual Cole Valley Fair.
We are hopeful for the future and looking forward to the next chapter. As we wrap up the studio we are thinking about ways that we can contribute to the health and fitness of the community.
Wishing everyone continued health and happiness.


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